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As an economist by training, my writing here is intended to use data to explore patterns in team and player performance, both across teams and over time.

Some of my favorite pieces I’ve published here:

  • Looking at the relationship between a QB’s passing volume and efficiency [link]
  • Understanding offensive line play by taking into account QB release time [link]
  • When it comes to the NFL draft, no one knows anything [link]

I also write for Field Gulls, the SB Nation Seahawks site. Check out my recent pieces here. Some of my favorites on the Seahawks:

  • Russell Wilson and passing-plus minus [link]
  • Russell Wilson when under pressure and not under pressure [link]
  • My ode to Dak Prescott and why Prescott-Carr reminds me of Wilson-Luck [link]
  • From Fox Sports, my piece on the Seahawks and establishing the run [link]

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