Other Great Sites

I would be remiss not to mention some of the other great sites that exist on the internet. There are many great resources for those who love football and want to read great football writing and ideas. Here are some of the ones I love most:

Advanced Football Analytics – Brian Burke’s groundbreaking content in the area of analytics.

Ben B – Analytics ace from the Pacific Northwest

Bleacher Report – Mike Tanier’s peerless economy of football thought.

Captain Comeback – Scott Kacsmar’s important original research and unique ideas.

Football Guys – A diverse team of fantasy thinkers, these guys have always been ahead of the curve.

Football Outsiders – Aaron Schatz and staff’s advanced metrics and intelligent analysis.

Football Perspective – Chase Stuart’s daily look at football from a statistical and historical perspective.

Intentional Rounding – Danny Tuccitto’s crusade to assess the validity and reliability of football metrics.

Over the Cap – An incredibly useful resource for all things salary cap related.

Pro Football Reference – The only NFL reference site that matters.

Pro Football Reference Articles – Doug Drinen’s forgotten  gems with logical pieces that transcend fantasy football.

Pro Football Reference Blog Archive – A veritable hotbed of NFL knowledge, trivia, and insane ideas.

Rookie Scouting Portfolio – Matt Waldman’s in depth evaluations of both players and the human thought process.

Smart Football – Chris Brown’s detailed-yet-approachable breakdowns of football strategy.