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Hello GridFe readers! I’m Adam Steele, co-owner / cohort in cahoots with Bryan Frye , Ben Baldwin, and Tom McDermott.

I’m motivated by the idealistic goal of unearthing the truth in as many areas of life as possible. Within the context of football analysis, there are very few absolute truths, so the best we can do is piece together direct and circumstantial evidence to formulate educated guesses. When I say, “Player X is better than Player Y,” I really mean, “Based on available evidence, I’m N% sure Player X is better than Player Y, and this probability is subject to change if new evidence presents itself.”

My mission for TheGridFe is to provide a forum for all of us to expand our understanding of the game of football. The arrows points both directions; I hope you learn a thing or two from Bryan and I, but we want to learn from you, as well. When you visit our website, everything we know will be out in the open. We will never hide our data behind the veil of proprietary, because accessible public data is a right, not a privilege bestowed upon a select few.

Before teaming up with Bryan, I was a regular contributor at Football Perspective. You can read those articles here.

Feel free to email me at thegridfe [at] gmail [dot] com

…and follow me on Twitter @2mileshigh.