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Gonzo Awards 1960-2017

Named after modern legend Tony Gonzalez, the Gonzo Award is given annually to the league’s top tight end. The position itself doesn’t go back as far as other fantasy positions, and I decided not to give any awards prior to 1960, when both the NFL and the AFL rostered a sufficient number of players fitting the position’s description to merit having the Gonzo Award. Today, the most important tight ends are receivers first, and blocking ability is just an added bonus. In the incipient stages…

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GridFe Hall of Fame Tight Ends

With just eight inductees, tight end is by far the most underrepresented fantasy position in the initial class of the GridFe Hall of Fame. Of those eight, one played primarily in the 1960s, two in the 80s, one in the 90s, four since the turn of the century, and none in the dead ball era of the 70s. It may reflect some recency bias in our committee that we could only agree upon one tight end who started his career prior to the Mel Blount…

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