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Seasonal Prediction Review

Today’s post is from friend of the site Topher Doll, a fastidious recordkeeper who has spent the past few years tracking the success of myriad predictions and metrics used to measure team strength. Enjoy. Each year we are bombarded with predictions on how the season will shape up. From models built by people far smarter to me to predictions based on the feelings of a writer or researcher. Individually these are fun to read while agreeing or disagreeing with each team. They are wonderful conversation…

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How Technology Has Improved NFL Analytics

Today’s article is a guest post by Jay Booth, who had some thoughts to share and figured The GridFe was as good a place as any to share them. Enjoy. The impact of technology in sports is undeniable and it has, in many ways, given birth to a movement: that of analytics in sports. It is the heart and soul of the Moneyball theory, traditionally associated with baseball but whose precepts — rigorous gathering and analysis of data — are widely used in professional leagues…

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