Quarterback Spikes Database

If you’ve checked out the table for quarterback kneels, you’re probably also interested in quarterback spikes. I find this information useful when I am looking at QB completion rates, passer rating, ANY/A, or any other stat that has attempts in the denominator. Sure, Ben Roethlisberger may spike the ball too often in comeback attempts, but I don’t think that should count against his rate stats.

Chase Stuart has already published my research on quarterback spikes, but I wanted to include it on my own site as well so that I can update it as I dig up more data.

Season By Season Quarterback Spikes

The table below is a season-by-season list of quarterback spikes, sorted alpha-chronologically. Read it thus: In 2002, Chad Hutchinson spiked the ball 1 time in the regular season and 0 times in the playoffs. In total, he spiked the ball 1 time.1

YearNameRS SpikesPO SpikesTotal Spikes
2002Chad Hutchinson101
2002Danny Wuerffel101
2002Daunte Culpepper101
2002David Carr101
2002David Garrard101
2002Doug Johnson101
2002Drew Bledsoe101
2002Jake Plummer101
2002Jamie Martin202
2002Jeff Garcia202
2002Joey Harrington101
2002Jon Kitna202
2002Kerry Collins101
2002Kurt Warner202
2002Marc Bulger404
2002Mark Brunell202
2002Matt Hasselbeck101
2002Michael Vick527
2002Mike McMahon202
2002Patrick Ramsey202
2002Peyton Manning202
2002Quincy Carter303
2002Randy Fasani101
2002Ray Lucas101
2002Rich Gannon101
2002Rodney Peete101
2002Shane Matthews101
2002Tommy Maddox011
2003Aaron Brooks404
2003Anthony Wright213
2003Billy Volek101
2003Brad Johnson202
2003Brett Favre011
2003Chad Pennington303
2003Chris Chandler101
2003Daunte Culpepper404
2003David Carr202
2003Donovan McNabb314
2003Doug Flutie303
2003Drew Bledsoe101
2003Drew Brees303
2003Jake Plummer202
2003Jay Fiedler101
2003Jeff Blake404
2003Jeff Garcia404
2003Jesse Palmer101
2003Joey Harrington404
2003Jon Kitna202
2003Kelly Holcomb101
2003Kerry Collins303
2003Kordell Stewart505
2003Kurt Kittner101
2003Kyle Boller404
2003Marc Bulger101
2003Marques Tuiasosopo202
2003Matt Hasselbeck101
2003Quincy Carter202
2003Rich Gannon101
2003Rick Mirer202
2003Steve Beuerlein202
2003Steve McNair303
2003Tom Brady112
2003Tommy Maddox303
2003Tony Banks101
2003Vinny Testaverde101
2004Ben Roethlisberger101
2004Billy Volek404
2004Brett Favre404
2004Brian Griese303
2004Carson Palmer606
2004Craig Krenzel101
2004Daunte Culpepper303
2004David Carr404
2004Doug Flutie101
2004Drew Bledsoe10010
2004Drew Brees101
2004Eli Manning303
2004Jake Plummer303
2004Jeff Blake101
2004Joey Harrington505
2004Kurt Warner101
2004Kyle Boller909
2004Marc Bulger314
2004Matt Hasselbeck224
2004Michael Vick101
2004Patrick Ramsey101
2004Peyton Manning202
2004Rex Grossman101
2004Rich Gannon101
2004Tim Rattay101
2004Tom Brady202
2004Trent Green202
2004Vinny Testaverde404
2005Aaron Brooks505
2005Anthony Wright404
2005Brad Johnson202
2005Brett Favre101
2005Brian Griese101
2005Brooks Bollinger101
2005Byron Leftwich202
2005Charlie Batch101
2005Charlie Frye202
2005Chris Simms303
2005David Carr303
2005Donovan McNabb202
2005Drew Bledsoe505
2005Drew Brees303
2005Gus Frerotte505
2005J.P. Losman303
2005Jake Plummer101
2005Josh McCown101
2005Kelly Holcomb101
2005Ken Dorsey101
2005Kurt Warner303
2005Kyle Boller202
2005Mark Brunell101
2005Matt Cassel101
2005Matt Hasselbeck011
2005Matt Schaub101
2005Mike McMahon202
2005Sage Rosenfels101
2005Steve McNair606
2005Tim Rattay101
2005Tom Brady101
2005Trent Dilfer101
2005Trent Green202
2006Aaron Brooks202
2006Alex Smith404
2006Andrew Walter101
2006Ben Roethlisberger505
2006Brad Johnson303
2006Brett Favre202
2006Bruce Gradkowski202
2006Carson Palmer404
2006Chad Pennington606
2006Charlie Frye202
2006Chris Simms101
2006Cleo Lemon303
2006Daunte Culpepper101
2006David Carr202
2006Derek Anderson101
2006Donovan McNabb202
2006Drew Brees202
2006Eli Manning303
2006J.P. Losman202
2006Jake Plummer101
2006Jason Campbell101
2006Joey Harrington202
2006Jon Kitna202
2006Marc Bulger808
2006Mark Brunell101
2006Matt Hasselbeck314
2006Matt Leinart707
2006Peyton Manning415
2006Philip Rivers123
2006Rex Grossman101
2006Steve McNair606
2006Tarvaris Jackson101
2006Tom Brady101
2006Vince Young404
2007Aaron Rodgers101
2007Alex Smith202
2007Ben Roethlisberger303
2007Brett Favre303
2007Brian Griese404
2007Brodie Croyle101
2007Brooks Bollinger101
2007Bruce Gradkowski101
2007Carson Palmer303
2007Chad Pennington101
2007Chris Redman101
2007Cleo Lemon202
2007Damon Huard101
2007David Garrard101
2007Derek Anderson808
2007Donovan McNabb202
2007Drew Brees202
2007Eli Manning213
2007J.P. Losman101
2007Jake Delhomme101
2007Jason Campbell404
2007Jay Cutler303
2007Jeff Garcia505
2007John Beck202
2007Jon Kitna101
2007Kellen Clemens404
2007Kurt Warner303
2007Kyle Boller404
2007Marc Bulger202
2007Matt Hasselbeck202
2007Matt Schaub404
2007Patrick Ramsey101
2007Rex Grossman404
2007Sage Rosenfels101
2007Shaun Hill101
2007Steve McNair101
2007Tarvaris Jackson707
2007Trent Dilfer404
2007Trent Edwards202
2007Trent Green303
2007Troy Smith101
2007Vince Young112
2008Aaron Rodgers505
2008Andrew Walter101
2008Ben Roethlisberger303
2008Brett Favre404
2008Brian Griese101
2008Byron Leftwich101
2008Carson Palmer202
2008Chad Pennington101
2008Damon Huard101
2008Dan Orlovsky101
2008Daunte Culpepper202
2008David Garrard202
2008Donovan McNabb516
2008Drew Brees606
2008Eli Manning101
2008Gus Frerotte101
2008J.P. Losman303
2008J.T. O'Sullivan101
2008Jake Delhomme101
2008JaMarcus Russell101
2008Jason Campbell303
2008Jay Cutler404
2008Jeff Garcia404
2008Joe Flacco101
2008Jon Kitna101
2008Kurt Warner314
2008Kyle Orton202
2008Matt Cassel303
2008Matt Ryan202
2008Matt Schaub505
2008Peyton Manning202
2008Philip Rivers011
2008Ryan Fitzpatrick202
2008Sage Rosenfels202
2008Seneca Wallace202
2008Shaun Hill404
2008Tarvaris Jackson202
2008Trent Edwards101
2008Tyler Thigpen404
2009Aaron Rodgers303
2009Alex Smith101
2009Ben Roethlisberger101
2009Brett Favre303
2009Bruce Gradkowski202
2009Carson Palmer404
2009Chad Henne404
2009Chad Pennington202
2009Chris Redman202
2009Daunte Culpepper101
2009David Carr101
2009David Garrard303
2009Derek Anderson101
2009Donovan McNabb202
2009Drew Brees101
2009Eli Manning202
2009Jake Delhomme505
2009JaMarcus Russell101
2009Jason Campbell202
2009Jay Cutler505
2009Joe Flacco202
2009Josh Freeman303
2009Kellen Clemens101
2009Kurt Warner707
2009Kyle Boller101
2009Kyle Orton101
2009Marc Bulger101
2009Mark Sanchez224
2009Matt Cassel404
2009Matt Leinart011
2009Matt Ryan505
2009Matt Schaub505
2009Matthew Stafford707
2009Philip Rivers213
2009Ryan Fitzpatrick101
2009Tony Romo202
2009Vince Young101
2010Aaron Rodgers202
2010Alex Smith303
2010Ben Roethlisberger808
2010Carson Palmer202
2010Chad Henne202
2010Charlie Batch101
2010Colt McCoy101
2010David Carr101
2010David Garrard101
2010Donovan McNabb202
2010Drew Brees224
2010Drew Stanton202
2010Eli Manning101
2010Jake Delhomme101
2010Jason Campbell303
2010Jimmy Clausen101
2010Jon Kitna101
2010Josh Skelton101
2010Kerry Collins202
2010Kevin Kolb303
2010Kyle Orton202
2010Mark Sanchez505
2010Matt Cassel505
2010Matt Hasselbeck101
2010Matt Moore101
2010Matt Ryan101
2010Matt Schaub404
2010Michael Vick303
2010Philip Rivers101
2010Rex Grossman101
2010Ryan Fitzpatrick101
2010Sam Bradford303
2010Shaun Hill303
2010Stephen McGee101
2010Tim Tebow101
2011Aaron Rodgers202
2011Alex Smith011
2011Ben Roethlisberger202
2011Blaine Gabbert101
2011Caleb Hanie303
2011Cam Newton303
2011Carson Palmer202
2011Colt McCoy101
2011Dan Orlovsky303
2011Drew Brees404
2011Eli Manning022
2011Jake Delhomme101
2011Jake Locker101
2011Jason Campbell101
2011John Beck101
2011Josh Freeman606
2011Josh Skelton101
2011Kerry Collins202
2011Kyle Orton101
2011Mark Sanchez303
2011Matt Cassel101
2011Matt Hasselbeck101
2011Matt Ryan606
2011Matt Schaub202
2011Michael Vick404
2011Philip Rivers303
2011Rex Grossman202
2011Ryan Fitzpatrick303
2011Seneca Wallace202
2011T.J. Yates303
2011Tarvaris Jackson202
2011Tim Tebow303
2011Tom Brady112
2011Tony Romo404
2011Tyler Palko202
2012Aaron Rodgers303
2012Andrew Luck808
2012Andy Dalton303
2012Ben Roethlisberger606
2012Brandon Weeden101
2012Cam Newton202
2012Carson Palmer404
2012Chad Henne303
2012Drew Brees303
2012Joe Webb011
2012Josh Freeman202
2012Josh Skelton101
2012Mark Sanchez202
2012Matt Cassel707
2012Matt Schaub022
2012Matthew Stafford404
2012Michael Vick202
2012Nick Foles202
2012Peyton Manning202
2012Philip Rivers202
2012Robert Griffin202
2012Ryan Fitzpatrick202
2012Ryan Tannehill202
2012Sam Bradford707
2012Shaun Hill101
2012Tom Brady325
2012Tony Romo303
2013Aaron Rodgers101
2013Alex Smith303
2013Andrew Luck101
2013Andy Dalton123
2013Ben Roethlisberger606
2013Brandon Weeden101
2013Cam Newton303
2013Carson Palmer101
2013Case Keenum303
2013Chad Henne101
2013Drew Brees112
2013EJ Manuel101
2013Geno Smith101
2013Jake Locker101
2013Jason Campbell202
2013Jay Cutler404
2013Joe Flacco101
2013Kellen Clemens101
2013Kirk Cousins101
2013Matt Ryan101
2013Matthew Stafford303
2013Peyton Manning101
2013Philip Rivers101
2013Robert Griffin202
2013Russell Wilson202
2013Ryan Fitzpatrick303
2013Ryan Tannehill404
2013Scott Tolzien202
2013Terrelle Pryor101
2013Tom Brady404
2013Tony Romo101
2014Austin Davis202
2014Ben Roethlisberger909
2014Blake Bortles101
2014Brian Hoyer101
2014Cam Newton202
2014Charlie Whitehurst303
2014Derek Anderson101
2014Derek Carr606
2014Drew Brees606
2014EJ Manuel101
2014Eli Manning101
2014Geno Smith101
2014Joe Flacco606
2014Josh McCown404
2014Kyle Orton202
2014Matt Ryan505
2014Matthew Stafford303
2014Michael Vick202
2014Mike Glennon101
2014Nick Foles101
2014Peyton Manning112
2014Philip Rivers101
2014Russell Wilson202
2014Ryan Fitzpatrick101
2014Ryan Mallett202
2014Ryan Tannehill101
2014Teddy Bridgewater505
2014Tony Romo101

Cumulative Quarterback Spikes

Adding all those seasons up gives us the next table. This represents the total regular and post season spikes from every quarterback since 2002. I told you Big Ben spiked it a lot.

PlayerRS SpikesPO SpikesTotal Spikes
Ben Roethlisberger44044
Drew Brees34337
Carson Palmer28028
Matt Schaub21223
Matt Cassel21021
Donovan McNabb18220
Marc Bulger19120
Kurt Warner19120
Kyle Boller20020
Matt Ryan20020
Michael Vick17219
Brett Favre17118
Tom Brady13417
Drew Bledsoe17017
Aaron Rodgers17017
Matthew Stafford17017
Eli Manning13316
Peyton Manning14216
Steve McNair16016
Jason Campbell16016
Jay Cutler16016
Matt Hasselbeck11415
Philip Rivers11415
Jeff Garcia15015
Mark Sanchez12214
Alex Smith13114
David Carr14014
Chad Pennington13013
Ryan Fitzpatrick13013
Joey Harrington12012
Daunte Culpepper12012
Tarvaris Jackson12012
Aaron Brooks11011
Derek Anderson11011
Tony Romo11011
Josh Freeman11011
Joe Flacco10010
Chad Henne10010
Sam Bradford10010
Cam Newton10010
Jon Kitna909
Rex Grossman909
Brian Griese909
J.P. Losman909
Jake Delhomme909
Shaun Hill909
Andrew Luck909
Matt Leinart718
Kerry Collins808
Jake Plummer808
David Garrard808
Kyle Orton808
Anthony Wright617
Vince Young617
Brad Johnson707
Trent Green707
Ryan Tannehill707
Andy Dalton426
Gus Frerotte606
Kellen Clemens606
Derek Carr606
Quincy Carter505
Jeff Blake505
Kordell Stewart505
Vinny Testaverde505
Billy Volek505
Trent Dilfer505
Josh McCown505
Bruce Gradkowski505
Cleo Lemon505
Teddy Bridgewater505
Tommy Maddox314
Mark Brunell404
Patrick Ramsey404
Mike McMahon404
Doug Flutie404
Chris Simms404
Sage Rosenfels404
Charlie Frye404
Tyler Thigpen404
Dan Orlovsky404
Seneca Wallace404
Tim Tebow404
Robert Griffin404
Russell Wilson404
Rich Gannon303
Byron Leftwich303
Trent Edwards303
Chris Redman303
John Beck303
Kevin Kolb303
Josh Skelton303
Caleb Hanie303
T.J. Yates303
Nick Foles303
Case Keenum303
Charlie Whitehurst303
Jamie Martin202
Steve Beuerlein202
Kelly Holcomb202
Marques Tuiasosopo202
Rick Mirer202
Tim Rattay202
Charlie Batch202
Brooks Bollinger202
Andrew Walter202
Damon Huard202
JaMarcus Russell202
Drew Stanton202
Colt McCoy202
Tyler Palko202
Jake Locker202
Brandon Weeden202
Geno Smith202
EJ Manuel202
Scott Tolzien202
Austin Davis202
Ryan Mallett202
Randy Fasani101
Doug Johnson101
Shane Matthews101
Chad Hutchinson101
Rodney Peete101
Ray Lucas101
Danny Wuerffel101
Kurt Kittner101
Tony Banks101
Chris Chandler101
Jay Fiedler101
Jesse Palmer101
Craig Krenzel101
Ken Dorsey101
Brodie Croyle101
Troy Smith101
J.T. O'Sullivan101
Matt Moore101
Jimmy Clausen101
Stephen McGee101
Blaine Gabbert101
Terrelle Pryor101
Kirk Cousins101
Mike Glennon101
Blake Bortles101
Brian Hoyer101
Joe Webb011


  1. I set the cutoff at 2002 because earlier play-by-play data is less reliable. Sometimes a spike will show up as a spike, but other times it will show up as an incomplete pass.