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Adjusted Drive Yards

For some time, I have wanted to create a new metric that used elements from Total Adjusted Yards (TAY) in order to quantify a team’s production on each drive. Past work from both Chase Stuart and Brian Burke has given us insight into the value of touchdowns, interceptions, fumbles, and first downs, translated into yards. This work has been fundamental in the development of stats like Adjusted net Yards per Attempt, Adjusted Rushing Yards, Adjusted Catch Yards, and TAY. Those metrics have given us valuable…

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Strength of Schedule Adjusted TAY/P

Last week, I posted the final team strength stats for the 2015 season. I concluded the article with my homegrown TAY/P stat, but having already included four other tables with commentary, I didn’t think taking the time to adjust for opponents was a wise move. I want to take a little more space to explain where the numbers come from, so I am giving strength of schedule adjusted TAY/P its own post. First, I’ll explain what TAY/P is, for the uninitiated. It stands for Total…

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2015 Final Team Strength Stats

The 2015 NFL season ended with an upset that surprised almost everyone. The Broncos, whose mighty defense carried the mostly inept offense to victory over the Led by Von Miller and a historically great defense, the 14-4 Denver Broncos upset the 17-1 Carolina Panthers (favored by 5.5 points).1 The Panthers were superior by every traditional and advanced measure of team strength. Sure, the Broncos had a defense for the ages, but the Panthers had a stout defense of their own, coupled with the league’s top…

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