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Championship Leverage

Over the years, I’ve given much thought to the value (Championship Leverage) of postseason games relative to regular season games. Sabermetrics guru Tom Tango invented the Leverage Index to apply a value to the gravity of a given base-out-inning situation in baseball. Later, Neil Paine used the concept for basketball and, subsequently, football. I found his application of the concept to NFL quarterbacks to be particularly interesting, and I decided to go into more detail on Neil’s methodology and expand the findings back to 1936…

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Quarterback Spikes Database

If you’ve checked out the table for quarterback kneels, you’re probably also interested in quarterback spikes. I find this information useful when I am looking at QB completion rates, passer rating, ANY/A, or any other stat that has attempts in the denominator. Sure, Ben Roethlisberger may spike the ball too often in comeback attempts, but I don’t think that should count against his rate stats. Chase Stuart has already published my research on quarterback spikes, but I wanted to include it on my own site…

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Quarterback Kneels Database

After poring through play-by-play data from various sources and crosschecking them against one another, I have been able to findĀ data for quarterback kneelsĀ dating back to 2002 (regular season and playoffs). There are miscellaneous games here and there that have useful PBP prior to 2002, but the information gaps have kept me from feeling confident in publishing any of that data. Season By Season Quarterback Kneels The below table contains the relevant data on a seasonal basis and is sorted alphabetically by year. Read it thus:…

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