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Bryan’s 2017 Awards

The 2017 NFL season is in the books, so it’s time to award postseason honors to the players and coaches who make the game worth watching. Unlike major publications (Associated Press, Sporting News, PFWA, etc.), I include postseason performance in my evaluations. Generally, unless a player is absolutely disastrous, I only weigh the playoffs heavily if it is favorable to a player. The legendary Dr. Z used to set a 75% rule for receiving award recognition, meaning that a player had to appear in at…

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Bryan’s 2017 All Pro Team

As always, this is not the official GridFe All Pro team. These are my picks and don’t reflect on the opinions of the other humans on the site. I do my best to synthesize tape and stats within the context of each player’s circumstances. For example, if two cornerbacks performed similarly, but one played behind significantly superior pass rushers, I went with the guy who I thought did it with less help. I’m not saying that’s the right way to do it, but it’s my…

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Bryan’s 2016 All Pro Team

This is not the official GridFe All Pro team. It is the opinion of just one man, based on game play, overall impact, and statistical production. My positions and criteria were flexible; if I thought Von Miller deserved to make the first team over a traditional linebacker, I gave Miller the spot. If I thought Reshad Jones played well enough in six games to warrant a shout out on the third team, I did it. If I thought Luke Kuechly played better than Bobby Wagner,…

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