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Well, it’s official: I’m in a slump. I was cruising along pretty well for the first 6 weeks, going 54-37 (59%), but since then my record is 18-22 (45%). Now, this isn’t horrible, and I don’t yet think it’s time to start panicking and tweaking The Machine. But it is worrisome that The Machine isn’t getting better as the season goes on, which, obviously, it should be. In any event, this isn’t a good look – after all, I’m writing a weekly post in which…

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2017 Week 9 Picks, Week 8 Recap and Rankings

Not a bad week, but not great either. I said last week that I’d be happy to just break even in Week 9 (which doesn’t make sense as there were 13 games, but anyway); as it is, I went 7-6, which is fine. I was concerned about taking so many favorites this weekend (9), especially when some of the spreads were pretty big – 6 were over a touchdown, 3 were over 9 points. Interestingly, 6 of my 7 correct picks were the favorites; my…

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2017 Week 8 NFL Picks, Week 7 Recap

Author’s note: Being that this is my first post as a writer for The GridFe, I’d like to take a moment to thank Bryan and the guys for having me aboard. I’ve been a fan of this site since its inception (I believe in 2015) because the writing that Bryan, Adam and more recently Ben, put forth is top notch: honest, insightful, fair and always interesting. I suspect that my contributions will be on the “lighter” side, but will be fun and interesting nonetheless. So,…

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